How to Make Your Family Dinner Special at a Beijing Duck Restaurant in NYC?

Beijing or Peaking duck is one of the most famous dishes in mainland China. Since its introduction, a lot of thoughts, debates and discussions have happened regarding this dish. In the initial stage, the debate was regarding the authenticity of the dish itself. Then came the questions regarding the food itself and an investigation to find out the reasons behind its popularity. So, when you are visiting a Beijing duck restaurant in NYC and ordering the dish, you are becoming part of a practice which is a hundred years old.

Some insights and information from us

After being in this industry for quite a few decades, we at Hwa Yuan would like to inform you about certain points. For instance, if you have been someone thinking that Chinese food equates with fast food only, then this dish will come up as a complete shock because you will discover that preparing Beijing Duck requires more than 24 hours. As for the popularity of the dish, it is rooted in the fact that the cooked duck has crispy skin to die for.

The right way of ordering and enjoying this dish

We would also like to inform potential and interested patrons that, this is not a dish which you should order for two or three people. And before ordering it, you should be aware of the right way of appreciating and eating this dish. The whole of Beijing Duck has always been meant for a family gathering where a lot of people will be present and share the food amongst them. Moreover, there are some specific practices you need to follow. The experience is not like visiting a Chinese seafood restaurant in NYC.

Having logical and realistic expectations matter

If you have been dreaming about the sensational taste of the duck, you will be disappointed. This is because the duck flesh isn’t usually seasoned or spiced with anything. The aim of this dish is to taste the flesh and crispy skin in all its glory. The 24 hours and more invested in a single duck, demands such devotion and you cannot deny. We provide you with a selection of condiments for the duck which will be presented in thin stripes along with think pancakes for your meal.

Knowing a little more about the practices

At Hwa Yuan, we would also like to remind that. The duck can be presented at your table and the chef will be there cutting the pieces and serving them directly. If the scene is not something you want to see at the table for a family meal, it will be for the best to select the duck and then allow the preparation to happen outside your eyesight. It will make the meal more pleasant and enjoyable.