Best Halal Chinese Food in New York – Taste the Best Halal Chinese Food

Best Halal Chinese Food in New York

Best halal Chinese food!! First, we need to know what is halal. Halal is an Arabic word. The English meaning of Halal is permissible. Muslims especially use this term to choose their food and usable things. Every Muslim must eat halal food. It is strictly said in the Quran to eat halal food.

In Chinese, halal food is called Qingshan Cai. It is easy to find halal Chinese food in every city or village in China. China has a large Muslim population. There are so many halal restaurants in China and they make halal dishes in the traditional Chinese style.

What kind of food is halal?

Islam generally considers every food halal unless it is prohibited by Hadith or the Quran. Specifically, halal foods are those that are:

  1. Made, produced, manufactured, processed, and stored using machinery, equipment, and/or utensils that have been cleaned according to Islamic law.
  2. Free from any component that Muslims are prohibited from eating according to Islamic law

Halal Certification

A halal-certified product means it is permissible or accepted by the Islamic Law. To receive this form they must use products from any acceptance source. Every country has this law and procedure including America.

Chinese Food Are Halal?

In China, halal food was introduced over 1000 years ago by the Tang Dynasty.  Arabic businessmen, travellers and Muslim missionaries travelled to China. They were searching for halal food. From there Chinese started to make halal restaurants. Day by day Halal food is developed and new dishes are created by them. Silk Road, Hangzhou, Yanzhou, Quanzhou, Guangzhou, Kaifeng, and Xi’an are famous for their halal restaurants.

Most Chinese foods are not halal. They eat pork so much and it is not halal for Muslims. They also use different kind of sauces which is made with pork oil. They use alcohol to cook their food.

In Chinese food, they use pepper, onion, ginger, and garlic which is healthy and halal. But they use pork oil and alcohol to reach the test of the food which is not halal. They often used pork in every meal. Noodles are their main or favourite food but they prepare the noodles with pork soup which is not halal.

  Best Halal Chinese Food

Chinese halal food is a combination of original Arabic flavours with traditional Chinese dishes, creating its style. Soups, Kebabs are eaten more than rice. Various dishes and snacks made of lamb, beef or chicken along with wheat flour are more popular. Desarts take an important role. Beef and mutton are also popular.

Xinjiang Uyghur cuisine is one of the best halal Chinese food in China and also all over the world. Every halal Chinese restaurant has these signature dishes. Lamb kebabs and barbeque are also very famous and it is easily found in the streets of China.

Some best halal Chinese food is listed.

Roasted whole Lamb

Roasted whole Lamb is one of the famous halal Chinese dishes. It is easily found in major cities or restaurants in China.

The dish is prepared with a mixture of water with yolk, salt, ginger, and pepper powder. This mixture is applied to the whole lamb and then put into a specially made oven and backed for around one hour. The lamb will be so soft and juicy. They eat it with rice, nun or only meat.

Lanzhou Hand-Pulled Noodles with Beef

Noodles are the most common Chinese food. They cooked it in many ways. They use different types of noodles like wheat flour noodles, rice noodles and so many others. You can get noodles all over the world. In China, you can see every corner they serve noodles. This kind of hand-made noodles is called “ Lanzhou Beef Noodles.” Noodles are very healthy food. When you put beef in it, it becomes tastier.  It takes one or two minutes to prepare.

Hand Taken Lamb

Hand taken Lamb is also a popular dish. Lamb is boiled with pepper, ginger, and onion. It is done when the lamb is soft. The lamb can be served hot, cold or fried with the soup.

Which Country Is Best For Halal Chinese Food?

Chinese food is becoming more popular nowadays. It is one of the tastiest food all over the world. People from different countries like to eat Chinese food. Almost every country has  Chinese restaurants which offer different kinds of authentic Chinese food. But all the Chinese dishes are not halal. They use many ingredients which are not halal for Muslims. But every country has some halal chinses restaurants which prepare only halal Chinese food.

China has a large Muslim population. So it is very easy to say they have the best halal Chinese food. China has developed the halal food industry in a mature system. There are about 5000 kinds of halal Chinese dishes across the country.

After China Thailand has most halal Chinese food or restaurants. Thailand island for travellers. People visit Thailand to enjoy the beauty and enjoy different types of food. A huge number of Muslim travellers visit Thailand. So in every corner of Thailand, you find a halal restaurant which can provide you with halal Chinese food. All the dishes maybe not same as China. They apply new ingredients and techniques to enrich the test of the food. Sometimes they mixed their traditional cuisine with Chinese dishes.

India has a very unique Chinese food. Chinese food getting more popular in India than some traditional food. You can find a Chinese restaurants in every part of India. They apply their traditional twist to Chinese cuisine. Even Chinese food is replacing Indian street food. You can find their traditional Dosa with noodles filling.

India made some unique Chinese dishes which you may not find in China. But the question is whether this is authentic Chinese. They have made it their way. The most popular Chinese are fried rice, Manchurian, Chili chicken, Minchow soup, Hakka noodles, and Dim sums.

Best Halal Chinese Food In NYC

America is a country where most people come from all over the world. There are different types of people and different types of cultures and food. Almost all types of food are available in the United States.  A large number of Muslim people are also living all over the country. They love to take halal food.

Animal blood, different types of unclean animals, insects, pigs, and alcohol are often used in Chinese food. All these ingredients are haram. The number of halal Chinese food is increasing day by day.  AS Muslims are spreading or travelling all over the world, the number of Chinese restaurants is also increasing.

In New York, there are many more halal Chinese restaurants. They have prepared their menu with all kinds of best halal Chinese food. They have all kinds of traditional Chinese food. They made the food with authentic Chinese flavours. They have tried to maintain the Muslim cuisine in their Chinese food.

  • Best Halal Chinese Food in NYC is one of the best halal restaurants in New York. They have prepared their menu with all halal Chinese dishes. The speciality of this restaurant You can also enjoy Indian meals here.  Lamb fried rice, Halal Special fried rice, Seafood special fried rice, Chicken Lo Mein, Beef Lo Mein, Kung Pao chicken and different kinds of Indian Biryani are included in their Fri-Sun More Halal Food Deals.


Final Thought

Chinese food is the name of craving now. Not only Chinese people but all over the world are fans of Chinese food. Muslims are not apart from them. They are also very much fond of this Chinese food. But they don’t eat authentic or traditional Chinese food which is made with pork or alcohol. They prefer halal Chinese food which is made of lamb, chicken, beef or noodles. They want to test authentic Chinese food in a halal way.

China has halal food as there is a large Muslim population. Muslim people also mixed up their Muslim cuisine with Chinese dishes. So if you want to test the best halal Chinese food you just need to go to China. But if you are in New York you must need go to Best Halal Chinese Food in NYC.C